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28 votes

Should I work while on vacation?

22 votes

Assigned to a buggy, failing project days before it is due

21 votes

Meeting people (a friend) during remote work day

12 votes

Is it a good deal to receive a raise to replace paid overtime?

12 votes

"Startup" working hours - is it normal to be asked to work 11 hours/ day?

11 votes

Employer wants to use my work email account after I quit, is this legal under German law? Is this a GDPR waiver?

6 votes

When should I tell my boss I'm pregnant

5 votes

Is it rude to joke that a candidate was "trained well" by their college?

4 votes

My boss wants to hire another employee, but I don't think we need one

3 votes

Is it ok for me to ask a co-worker about their surgery?

1 vote

Is tuition reimbursement a good idea if you have to stay with the job?

0 votes

How do I remind my boss that my raise still has not been applied?

0 votes

Regretting two week notice

0 votes

How to answer "write something on the board"?

0 votes

Is it a good idea for me to propose temporarily reducing my hours, so I can work on a '20% time' side-project unrelated to my job?

0 votes

Can I be forced to use vacation days due to COVID-19 in Germany?

-1 votes

How can I convince my manager to let me work permanently with a vertical monitor?