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131 votes

How to stop co-workers from teasing me because I know Russian?

48 votes

I have reason to believe that my very competent coworker is being severely underpaid - any tactful way to tell a boss?

29 votes

What is a polite way to clarify my gender in phone calls?

18 votes

Co-worker has annoying ringtone

15 votes

Is it okay to write non-offensive humor into meeting minutes?

14 votes

What is the right approach to quit a job during probation period for a competing offer?

5 votes

Sexual harassment in the workplace and boss not doing anything

5 votes

Coworker asking me to not bring cakes due to self control issue. What should I do?

4 votes

When should I consider myself to be at work?

4 votes

How should I push back against my job assigning "homework"?

2 votes

Company threw a surprise party for the CEO, 3 weeks later management says we have to pay for it, do I have to?

1 vote

How to give very negative feedback gracefully?

0 votes

What should I do about discriminatory notes on candidates' resumes made by my boss?

0 votes

Is it wise to opt out of training I'm not obliged to take?

0 votes

How do I handle a potential work/personal life conflict as the manager of one of my friends professionally?

0 votes

How to handle being asked to automate jobs as a temp worker

-1 votes

Politely calling attention to unflattering sight

-2 votes

Lied on resume about obtaining a Bachelor degree