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252 votes

I flunked a technical test because some of their expected answers were wrong! Should I let the company know?

124 votes

Forced to use personal Facebook account for work

66 votes

How do I break bad news to an employee without negatively affecting their relationships with other employees?

59 votes

Senior colleague feels threatened by me, an intern

58 votes

What if I'm a better developer than my Team Leader?

54 votes

Is using TL;DR Unprofessional?

49 votes

Generous severance package worth mentioning in future interviews?

41 votes

Should I raise concerns about a co-worker possibly leaving?

36 votes

CEO is crossing professional-personal boundaries in their requests to me

29 votes

Will declining my company's many social events negatively influence my career?

28 votes

Is it ok for me to spend all day working for a prospective employer as part of the interview process?

27 votes

How to respond to enquiries about the company's financial situation?

25 votes

Is it 'easier' to get a job when you already have one?

23 votes

Would it be considered acceptable to ask for a 2nd try on a technical interview exam?

19 votes

How to deal with understanding the reason behind a layoff and capturing unsaid signs / issues that could have been a reason for the same

16 votes

As a male manager, how do I address a problem with my female employee's bathroom hygiene?

15 votes

Am I being bullied by a manager?

14 votes

How should I handle leaving a company before a big bonus?

14 votes

Basically unemployed for 5 years. How do I explain this to prospective employers?

13 votes

Boss's son does no work at all, how to handle it

13 votes

How to avoid sounding like a pedant when answering interview questions which seem simple, but are actually complicated

13 votes

What are the pros and cons of escalating a personnel conflict issue to HR?

11 votes

What does "getting from 0 to 1" mean?

11 votes

Trainee is being dishonest on her first day

11 votes

Salary increases in startups

11 votes

Should I include a job I got fired from (under somewhat strange circumstances) on my resume?

11 votes

Older co-worker disregards technical opinion/prowess of younger co-workers

11 votes

When to ask questions during online training - at the very end or at anytime throughout?

10 votes

How should I explain being overqualified?

10 votes

When interviewing for job 1-2 months ahead, how do you best reveal this to interviewer

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