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Should I warn my boss I might take sick leave?
27 votes

I would let your boss know about your planned absence, but don't call it sick leave, you aren't sick. Call it medical leave because you are leaving for medical reasons. Mental health is definitely a ...

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Responding to trivial and constant affirmation in a telephonic conference
21 votes

I would not agree that making an indirect comment about "Holding comments til the end" or "Please keep the line quiet" are good ways to handle this situation. Both of these indirect comments would ...

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Should I have been more open about my disagreement with my boss in this scenario?
Accepted answer
14 votes

I think you should have been honest with David. You stated he asked you directly. That means he wanted your assessment, not Charlene's. After all he could have also asked Charlene directly. However, ...

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Should I ask what the starting pay is for a friend?
Accepted answer
9 votes

Sure, just be clear about your intentions. If they don't want to give out that information then it would be their responsibility to let you know. Otherwise, It's a very reasonable request. Hi HR, ...

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Manager wants to hire me; HR does not. How to proceed?
6 votes

IF you still want the job, then yes you still apply. Tell your manager you failed their "test" and ask her to request that you be considered regardless. Your manager either has enough pull to override ...

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Manager offering annual leave I don’t think I’m due
1 votes

Email HR and ask them to confirm the amount of remaining vacation days. Whatever their response, you now have a paper trail and should be able to act accordingly without adverse repercussions.

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