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257 votes

Just found I was supposed to be working on a completely different project since 8 months ago. How can I handle this?

193 votes

Taking advantage when HR forgets to communicate the rules

178 votes

As a vegetarian, how can I deal with microwave ovens smelling of meat and fish?

171 votes

Departing senior engineer refuses to introduce replacement to open source community/peers

124 votes

Should I share with a new service provider a bill from its competitor?

123 votes

Seeking ways to keep a valuable employee

118 votes

Problematic employee that can't be fired

114 votes

My boss wants me to recreate everything I have done for my previous employer

98 votes

Applying for student internship, company replying way too slowly

91 votes

How to handle a difficult employee as a new manager?

82 votes

Company says they will give offer letter only after I join them

79 votes

I reported the illegal activity of my boss to his boss. My boss found out. Now I am being punished. What should I do?

73 votes

How to decline invite to team dinner when I have a prior engagement?

72 votes

Bullied via Zoom

68 votes

Should I work while on vacation?

63 votes

Failed interview after situation handling

62 votes

How to ask my manager if I am about to be fired?

62 votes

Preventing an exodus of other employees while mass firing others? One developer holds a lot of sway?

55 votes

Is opting out of "fun" office charity activites socially and professionally acceptable in a small company?

54 votes

How to hire great people for a new startup company?

51 votes

Is it a good idea to push new employees to prove themselves in their first 90 days?

48 votes

Am I overreacting to a new rule where I have to check-in my status every morning?

45 votes

How do I evaluate a manager I have a negative opinion of?

45 votes

Why are developers averse to maintaining software? They quit at the end of a project or leave if they find they are doing maintenance?

42 votes

How do you deal with a boss who assigns you work but wants you to learn the technologies in your personal time?

40 votes

Taking over another fired developer's role

40 votes

Star developer didn’t get a promotion because he isn’t a people person, so he has scaled back his contributions. How can I motivate him?

40 votes

New supposedly experienced software developer disrupting my existing work in volunteer organisation

36 votes

As a co-owner of a small business, how do I assure a hiring manager that I will actually be available?

32 votes

Client constantly submits tickets; how can support deal with this?

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