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211 votes

How to communicate that I don't think I'm the right person for a task?

156 votes

Exposing a company lying about themselves in a tightly knit industry (videogames) : Is my career at risk on the long run?

41 votes

Programmers who are highly recommended, but cannot handle paper test programming question

10 votes

What to say during an interview

4 votes

Application: Should I attach a resumé, cover letter AND write an additional application in the email?

3 votes

How to deal with inter-team work in a toxic team?

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How should I communicate serious programming flaws to someone so they do not take it personally?

1 vote

Can this company be trusted?

1 vote

Made a bad choice and now stuck in a rut?

1 vote

Is it OK to take time-off during the first week of a new job?

1 vote

Leaving a job and asking for references

1 vote

Professionalism regarding sharing Steam account info

0 votes

Workplace wants me to leave my car at an airport for a week

0 votes

How to get coworkers to apply common solutions

0 votes

How to get hints on workplace culture during the interview?

0 votes

I am extremely uncomfortable & fed up at work- do I quit without another job lined up?

-1 votes

Are there drawbacks to first releasing all features, and then fixing bugs?