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239 votes

How to convince my boss that 6 days work-week is detrimental?

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Asking for higher salary after I increased my initial figure

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In an interview, is it self-defeating to say you use Stack Overflow to find errors in code?

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Should I tell my boss I'm leaving because of them?

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Should I stop flexing my working hours?

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Can I ask "How did I do?" at the end of an interview?

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Is 'bad luck' with former employees a red flag?

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What should I do if I have sensed my guy wants to quit and I don't intend to keep him too?

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I made a post-resignation promise that I'm not comfortable keeping, but don't want to break my word. Suggestions?

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Can I tell a prospective employee that everyone in the team is leaving?

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How to decline onsite interview due to financial reasons?

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Company wants me to do a coding test for a management position

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Coworkers accusing me of "cheating" for working more efficiently

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Is it a good idea to ask for a significantly lower salary than the median to increase the chances of an offer?

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New hire was terminated from previous company

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Whether to respond to a recruiter that has already been told no?

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I'm leaving a toxic work environment, my boss won't stop pressuring me to stay. How should I handle this?

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Why is diversity in the workplace important?

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Written warning from employer for following manager's instruction to deploy bugfix directly to production

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How can I complain against someone when my evidence was obtained from an unethical source?

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What can I do if I am asked to learn different programming languages very frequently?

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Transgender in the UK, should I use my female name on my CV even when it refers to male accomplishments?

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Should an employer force workers to use particular software?

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Did I handle this sexual harassment in the correct way?

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Efficient morning greetings

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How do I promote a game in the office?

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What the CEO says has to go no matter what

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How do I safely decline a political/controversial promotion as a woman?

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How to avoid questions about your/others' sexual orientation in the workplace?

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Affirmative action is being applied too broadly