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34 votes

How to work with a technician hired with a grant who argues everything

18 votes

Late for work because of trains

13 votes

Might have gotten a coworker sick, should I address this?

6 votes

IT manager giving false information to management about the possibility of remote work

4 votes

Manager encourages me to take day of sick leave instead of PTO, what's in it for him?

4 votes

Is it ok to record my colleagues around my workplace?

3 votes

Falsified Time Sheets

2 votes

Dealing with a colleague with strong opinions

1 vote

Company threw a surprise party for the CEO, 3 weeks later management says we have to pay for it, do I have to?

-1 votes

Technical or lie? Internal job posting requirements

-1 votes

How can I argue against the idea of working overtime to fix bugs (constantly)?

-3 votes

Generalized anxiety disorder and reasonable interview process accommodations

-3 votes

How to address a transgender coworker and accomodate their toilet needs?

-3 votes

Is my jealousy of peers valid and how should I manage it?

-4 votes

What should I wear to go and sign an employment contract?

-9 votes

Should I report a former managers abuse?