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Are there positions like "Idea man" or "Solution maker" in programming/engineering groups?
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As I feel related to your post by the fact that I'm working in this field AND had the same question some times ago, I'll try to answer it the more precisely. If I had to put it short : No. There is ...

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Sudden shift in manager's behaviour
2 votes

So, one other question is : Do you need to have such a talk with your manager ? So far, in your story, there is no mark of consideration, nor estimation, nor even a blame, about your work from your ...

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Manager and I have communication issues, how can we improve that?
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I already experience this kind of situation from your side : I was harsh without (or barely) reasons with one of my teamate (boss or co-worker, here the problem will be the same IMO). So, this is the ...

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Focus areas and setting the bar when interviewing students
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So, I'm going to start an answer as being myself a typical engineer just-graduated student. Based on my experienced, and ONLY for UE related student, you can assume the following points if they have a ...

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How to communicate technical ideas to non-technical people
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So far in my own experience, you can't do correctly something you don't understand (or, if you can, a good script will do it x1B time faster than you, and more precisely). So in my point of view, you ...

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