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31 votes

How should I approach a boss that keeps hiring temporary workers, only to have me finish something?

24 votes

How can I expedite being paid by a HR person who's gatekeeping?

10 votes

Are there any Computer Engineering/Science jobs that don't require programming ALL day

9 votes

Is it considered non-commercial usage, to use tools solely for internal work?

7 votes

Not paid for work, contract promised but not given

5 votes

How will losing mobility of one hand affect my career as a programmer?

4 votes

My boss wants me to attend a meeting every day before work hours

3 votes

Is this ordinary workplace experiences for a job in Software Engineering?

2 votes

Coworker posted a piece of source code on social network. What do I do?

2 votes

I get bored when people talk too much in meetings. What should I do?

1 vote

Rejected job offer after salary negotiation but HR reached out again with another offer

1 vote

Should I be expected to insure hardware belonging to my employer when going on a personal trip?

0 votes

Is it wise to opt out of training I'm not obliged to take?

-2 votes

Boss asked me to sign a resignation paper without a date on it along with my new contract