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186 votes

Need to withdraw an application unless their HR changes their rules - how to do so?

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Sent technical test that was impossible, but other candidates completed it

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How can I, in general, learn to be more professional?

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Am I responsible for finding my own replacement?

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As an interviewer, how to conduct interviews with candidates you already know will be rejected?

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Company director looking at my screen, made negative remark about my performance; how can I handle this?

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Should I tell interviewer that I will use their offer to renegotiate current rate first?

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Can I rescind my offer of working on weekends after last day?

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Notice period 60 days but I need to join in 45 days

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How do I respond to requests for a "guarantee" not to leave after a few months?

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Manager has noticed coworker's excessive breaks. Should I warn him?

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Interview Question about familiarity with a programming language

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Why is it so acceptable for software engineers to job hop? I'm tired of constantly recruiting them

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How to avoid having a higher total effort after delegating tasks to the team

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I encountered my boss during an on-site interview at another company. Should I bring it up when seeing him next time?

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Was I subtly told to resign?

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Informing my boss about nasty remarks about me from a colleague

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How to handle a colleague who appears helpful in front of manager but doesn't help in private?

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How to work with a technician hired with a grant who argues everything

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What should I tell a customer when my co-worker fails to show up to a meeting?

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Failed interview after situation handling

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What I must consider when extending work project idea as personal project

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How can I feel less intimidated by younger colleagues?

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How to ask what my future is with my company

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How to not answer an uncomfortable question in a group interview?

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Is CC'ing the manager in first e-mail regarding urgent matter considered escalation?

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Should I correct factual error I made during interview?

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Not returning after leave

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How can I ensure my position in case I lose a valuable certification

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How soon after accepting an offer, would it be polite to quit to accept an offer from a different company?