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336 votes

How to get rid of unwanted coworkers at lunch?

326 votes

My manager told me to stop helping a (supposedly) underperforming coworker. What are my options?

208 votes

Colleague secretly excluded from meeting

201 votes

Candidate's answer during an interview disqualifies them. Is it unprofessional to immediately inform them of this?

193 votes

Last-minute canceled work-trip means I'll lose thousands of dollars on planned vacation

182 votes

How to deal with an employer who refuses to allow copyright attribution in software

169 votes

Accepted offer letter, position changed

166 votes

I worked for a company affiliated with a very publicly failed project. Should I take it off my resume?

157 votes

How common is it in British (European?) tech firms to request a payslip before extending an offer?

143 votes

How can I respond to a CEO asking me to terminate an employee for reasons I disagree with?

113 votes

How to motivate staff to attend a paid certification course in their off hours?

111 votes

Are questions on theory useful in interviews?

105 votes

Request to meet with the CEO in a hotel before work

104 votes

Agreeing without really agreeing

103 votes

What are the chances and potential consequences of faked work experience being discovered?

98 votes

Retaining ambitious employee with rare skill set

97 votes

Should I spend much more time than suggested on an interview take-home project?

92 votes

Should you refuse to participate in weekly meetings, because of a toxic member?

90 votes

Lost track of how many sessions I tutored - what should I do?

81 votes

Manager faked my experience to get projects from a client

80 votes

Is it okay for my family to intervene when my boss treats me unfairly in the first few days of work?

80 votes

Arranging drinks with laid off coworkers in close-knit team

80 votes

How do I attract candidate developers willing to learn a proprietary language?

80 votes

How can I deal with a coworker who keeps trying to put blame on my shoulders?

79 votes

Is it unwise to tell job interviewer that I won't be attending the company's regular social events?

76 votes

When asked about a completion date, what is the best way to say "it will be done when it is done"?

72 votes

Should I decline a gift from my boss (the new owner of the company)?

68 votes

How to explain in application that I am leaving due to my current employer starting to promote religion?

66 votes

Should I complain to HR about being mocked for request I made

66 votes

Is it unprofessional to car share?

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