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295 votes

Boss asked me to sign a resignation paper without a date on it along with my new contract

167 votes

How to discipline overeager engineer

164 votes

Can I rescind my offer of working on weekends after last day?

155 votes

How do I prevent employees from either switching to competitors or opening their own business?

80 votes

Should I say anything 'bad' about candidate(s) who'll be replacing me?

74 votes

How to educate teammate to take screenshots for bugs without unwanted stuff

67 votes

How can I avoid having an interviewer lie to me about what the job will entail?

63 votes

How do I respond to requests for a "guarantee" not to leave after a few months?

61 votes

How can we avoid employees submitting unqualified candidates through the referral system?

58 votes

Owner keeps cutting corners and poaching workers for his other company

49 votes

Making a loss when working a delivery job?

48 votes

Does not having a mobile phone disadvantage me in the job market?

47 votes

Employer wants to use my work email account after I quit, is this legal under German law? Is this a GDPR waiver?

44 votes

Extreme flexible working hours: how to get to know people and activities?

42 votes

How to deal with non-stop callers in the service desk

41 votes

How to deal with complaints about you - if you warned against the risk?

41 votes

How does "unlimited holidays" work in practice?

41 votes

Is it a good deal to receive a raise to replace paid overtime?

28 votes

Employer changes working hours from flexible schedule to early mornings?

28 votes

Ethics of spending one's private time to work with unrelated projects

24 votes

Boss threatens employee with losing their job if they don't cooperate in forcing an ex-employee to drop charges

23 votes

Boss furious on bad appraisal

22 votes

Negative reviews on Glassdoor look like I wrote them

22 votes

Company indirectly discriminating against introverts, specifically INTJ

19 votes

When making an offer, can HR override a successful set of interviews with senior management?

19 votes

High income and difficulty during interviews

17 votes

Two recruiters have asked for 'market activity' in the past two days - is this a scam?

16 votes

NDA agreement for interview task

16 votes

Using audio cues to encourage good posture

15 votes

How can I deal with a manager who keeps insisting to stay with no clear offer after I have already accepted another company offer?

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