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How can I ask my interviewers for feedback following an interview?
33 votes

In my last interview they asked, as they always do, if I have any further questions. I replied: "Yes. Can you tell me how you felt this interview went?" And I got an honest (and positive) reply. I ...

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13 answers
62 votes
How do I take a vacation when I'm wearing too many hats?
23 votes

This problem should never have arisen, so I suspect it will not get solve without drastic action. You need to create a crisis. Inform your boss of the problem. Request time to train coworkers and ...

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4 answers
39 votes
Changing employers the right way
3 votes

In addition to the other great answers, make sure you have the new offer as a signed written contract before informing your boss. You really don't want to resign only to find the new offer falls ...

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11 answers
33 votes
How can I encourage our team to have shorter stand-up meetings?
3 votes

This isn't a direct answer but, since I posted the question, I've worked out a rather neat workaround. I contact the team leader (face to face or, if not possible, via instant messenger) in advance ...

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8 votes
Optimal office size: cubicles versus small rooms versus open plan?
1 votes

According to Norbert & Diane Schmitt's academic text, jobs that require teamwork (increasingly common) are best performed in an open office. Quote below with my emphasis: How does a redesigned ...

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Should I file my checklists as documentation?
1 votes

To answer your last question first, you will only know if other people are interested after you document it somewhere others can see it. My suggestion: document it on a wiki where everyone can see it....

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