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Looking for a new job because of relocation - is it okay to tell the real reason?
Accepted answer
388 votes

Tell them that you are relocating, there is no shame in this. No reasonable employer will form a negative opinion of you due to the fact that you are relocating to be with your husband. Any employer ...

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Am I responsible for finding my own replacement?
360 votes

Yes it is reasonable to leave without finding a replacement. The fact that the company has not properly planned for the case of an employee leaving for whatever reason is not your concern. Also, ...

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How to convince HR to let my star employee work from home?
256 votes

If it was the CEO's decision to take away the work from home policy then HR is simply doing what they have been directed to do. If there is anyone that needs to be convinced it is the CEO. You can ...

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As a junior is it unethical to leave after 1 year for remote?
Accepted answer
254 votes

As a junior is it unethical to leave after 1 year for remote? Threatening to leave will not get you anything other than possibly being let go from your company before you have a replacement job. If ...

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"I'm not telling you to work nights and weekends, but I am expecting that to happen" - what does this mean?
Accepted answer
252 votes

Can anyone translate this from workplace speak? Basically, your manager wants you to work extra hours without being properly compensated for those extra hours of work. If I were you, I would only do ...

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Engineer asks for a title change and raise with a change of responsibilities
240 votes

What could be the possible solutions here? The only solution is to provide the correct title and compensation based on the work required for the role. Whatever title and compensation you are offering ...

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Is it a good idea to contact a candidate?
Accepted answer
211 votes

Is it a good idea to contact him separately on LinkedIn to tell him that he has nothing to be afraid of and confidentially matters are kept strictly, or just to forget about it? You're making a lot ...

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My company is asking us to remain in our seats during fire alarms
203 votes

Report this to your local fire marshal and let them handle it. As for the false alarms, unless your company is explicitly warning you before each test with specific date and time of the test, I would ...

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Why do remote US companies require working in the US?
195 votes

Why do remote companies require working in the US? Those companies are likely based in the US and don't want to deal with the legal and tax complexities of having employees who live in multiple ...

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How can I train a replacement without letting my bosses and the replacement know?
177 votes

How can I give my coworker the training in the time I have left? You don't, this is your boss's job to assign not yours. When you resign from the company, your boss will decide who ( if anyone ) ...

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How to justify getting additional team member when the current team is doing well?
166 votes

Question: How to properly justify a team increase given that we don't have an output issue? (we are delivering in an acceptable manner already) Stop working overtime and see if your team can still ...

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My boss asked me to take a one-day class, then signs it up as a day off
Accepted answer
162 votes

No this is not common. Your manager is trying to take advantage of you. If the class is work related then it doesn't matter that you are not at work, it needs to be treated as a work day. You need ...

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Is it a good idea to push new employees to prove themselves in their first 90 days?
159 votes

If you want to burn out a potential good employee then go ahead and be "ambitious". Don't be surprised if they resign or are ineffective due to burnout.

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Dealing with attraction to my boss
154 votes

You may not be able to control your feelings, but you can control your actions. So the first thing, staring at your boss ( or any other employee ) is simply creepy and in some locations can be ...

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Telling a coworker they aren't invited into my house
150 votes

How do I politely tell her that she isn't allowed in my home? Assuming she speaks to you and attempts to invite herself and/or her interns, you tell her: No, thank you. No explanation needs to be ...

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I received a dinner invitation through my employer's email. Is it OK to attend?
144 votes

These types of events are usually nothing more than a sales pitch by a vendor to get your company to buy its products or use its services. Before you unilaterally decide to register and attend you ...

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Missed meeting - acknowledge in an e-mail, or ignore?
Accepted answer
138 votes

While it is possible that you drew more attention to your mistake ( the manager may not have been aware that you missed the meeting ), your communication to the manager is the most professional thing ...

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Found a co-worker on a dating website. How do I approach them?
Accepted answer
127 votes

Found a co-worker on a dating website. How do I approach them? You approach them through the dating site. On the dating site she is presumably open to being approached by other people, at work that ...

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Customer wants me to fix support requests in real time
126 votes

Don't accept a meeting invitation unless the issue is already resolved. You can reply to their meeting invite with something like: Hello X, I will not be able to attend this meeting as I am still ...

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My manager has decided to continue work on a project cancelled by the CEO
Accepted answer
124 votes

Normally, you should do what your manager asks you to do. Unless the CEO personally reached out to your team and asked you to stop working on the project, I would continue to do what your manager is ...

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How do I convey that I'll leave if I don't get promoted?
115 votes

My question is how I can convey that I'll be actively pursuing external opportunities if I don't get this promotion without it sounding like a threat. You can't, because it is a threat. In reality, ...

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How can I deal with a colleague who edits previous email details to paint colleagues in a negative light?
114 votes

How should one approach this situation, particularly when the Canadian manager purposely edited the email to paint me in a bad light? The fact is that you did not receive the email. Make sure that ...

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Is it generally a bad idea to "rat" on co-workers?
110 votes

Would it be wise to tell the boss (anonymously or not anonymously) or should I pretend I never heard it? Pretend you never heard it. This is not a case where some employees are stealing from the ...

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Refusing to go on a company-paid event
105 votes

How do I politely decline the going to event C, without getting asked (for the second time) why I’m not going, Politely decline and let the company know that you cannot attend because it interferes ...

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My manager has scheduled a face-to-face lunch meeting. Am I out of line to refuse?
Accepted answer
103 votes

My manager has scheduled a face-to-face lunch meeting. Am I out of line to refuse? You are not out of line to refuse given the current situation. If the purpose of the meeting is to discuss work, ...

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Manager encourages me to take day of sick leave instead of PTO, what's in it for him?
100 votes

While I don't see any disadvantage for me to apply the leaves as suggested by him You are taking sick days when you are not actually sick. Maybe this is OK with and encouraged by your manager but ...

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What should I tell a customer when my co-worker fails to show up to a meeting?
98 votes

Talk to your boss before the next meeting and ask what you should do in the case that your coworker cannot make it to the meeting for whatever reason. There is no need to mention that your coworker ...

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I made unwanted advances towards a female colleague
Accepted answer
97 votes

Should I apologize or act like nothing happened ? Yes, you should apologize immediately. Acknowledge that what you did was inappropriate and reassure your coworker that it will not happen again. ...

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Going to a conference with a manager who has a history of skipping out on talks
Accepted answer
89 votes

Any ideas as to how this situation should best be handled? If you are genuinely interested in the material at the conference and want to listen to all the talks then by all means take full advantage ...

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I suspect my coworker is trying to take revenge. How do my career and I survive an extra few weeks of working together?
86 votes

The only thing you can do is to do your work as normal, following all the proper procedures of your company. Limit your communications with this co-worker to only what is essential for this project ...

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