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388 votes

Looking for a new job because of relocation - is it okay to tell the real reason?

361 votes

Am I responsible for finding my own replacement?

257 votes

How to convince HR to let my star employee work from home?

255 votes

As a junior is it unethical to leave after 1 year for remote?

252 votes

"I'm not telling you to work nights and weekends, but I am expecting that to happen" - what does this mean?

243 votes

Engineer asks for a title change and raise with a change of responsibilities

211 votes

Is it a good idea to contact a candidate?

203 votes

My company is asking us to remain in our seats during fire alarms

194 votes

Why do remote US companies require working in the US?

177 votes

How can I train a replacement without letting my bosses and the replacement know?

166 votes

How to justify getting additional team member when the current team is doing well?

161 votes

My boss asked me to take a one-day class, then signs it up as a day off

159 votes

Is it a good idea to push new employees to prove themselves in their first 90 days?

154 votes

Dealing with attraction to my boss

151 votes

Telling a coworker they aren't invited into my house

144 votes

I received a dinner invitation through my employer's email. Is it OK to attend?

142 votes

Should I hand in my notice at my current employer without a contract from my new employer? (UK)

138 votes

Missed meeting - acknowledge in an e-mail, or ignore?

127 votes

Found a co-worker on a dating website. How do I approach them?

127 votes

Team member regularly ignores "back to office" policy

126 votes

Customer wants me to fix support requests in real time

124 votes

My manager has decided to continue work on a project cancelled by the CEO

115 votes

How do I convey that I'll leave if I don't get promoted?

114 votes

How can I deal with a colleague who edits previous email details to paint colleagues in a negative light?

110 votes

Is it generally a bad idea to "rat" on co-workers?

105 votes

Refusing to go on a company-paid event

103 votes

My manager has scheduled a face-to-face lunch meeting. Am I out of line to refuse?

100 votes

Manager encourages me to take day of sick leave instead of PTO, what's in it for him?

98 votes

What should I tell a customer when my co-worker fails to show up to a meeting?

97 votes

I made unwanted advances towards a female colleague

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