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1 vote

Should I report a former managers abuse?

2 votes

Absconding a company after 1st day of joining

5 votes

How to deal with increasing frustration and discomfort while on notice period?

2 votes

Approached for Interview | Currently employed & Have a Personal Enterprise

7 votes

Should I approach my manager about an incompetent tech lead?

0 votes

My colleague thinks I'm showing off, how do deal with it?

0 votes

How do I deal with a Manager who appears to be victimising me for working from home?

-5 votes

Should I bring design diagrams to a software developer interview?

9 votes

Boss making me feel guilty for leaving the company at the end of my internship

3 votes

Dealing with a coworker making snarky jokes

0 votes

Contract Expired, carried on working for 3 years

2 votes

What is the etiquette of discussing new contracts with current team, as a contractor?

2 votes

How to handle deteriorating situation with manager?

2 votes

How should I write my resignation for my situation and should I have a few job opportunities in mind before I turn in my week's notice?