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294 votes

Interviewer was two hours late

195 votes

How can I ask colleagues to use chat/email instead of scheduling unnecessary calls?

135 votes

Discovered developer doing Leetcode puzzles when he should be working

108 votes

Junior developer struggles: how to communicate with management?

86 votes

Is this just impostor syndrome, or am I likely to get fired?

86 votes

Was I wrong to tell an interviewer I work night shift and recently woke up?

85 votes

How to communicate that I don't think I'm the right person for a task?

84 votes

My two team members in a remote location don't get along with each other; how can I improve working relations?

82 votes

How do I tell recruiters I don't want to go forward until they answer my question, but without being rude?

67 votes

Employing a contractor proving difficult

60 votes

Is it OK to bring delicacies from hometown as tokens of gratitude for an out-of-town interview?

51 votes

As a manager, how can I deal with employees challenging me?

47 votes

A team managed by my peer is close to melting down

44 votes

How to deal with people whose priority is to not get blamed?

36 votes

How to approach protecting my code as a research assistant? Should I be worried in the first place?

33 votes

(When) should you step in to defend a minority?

32 votes

How to break this vicious circle?

30 votes

When the PM asks about a task they know you are not working on

29 votes

Don't quite understand why companies ask LeetCode problems in software interviews?

29 votes

When should a company hire developers versus outsourcing them?

25 votes

I think my client is holding my work out to be his own

23 votes

Should I have concern for my previous workplace, when considering a new job?

19 votes

Writing computer program code for free in an interview?

17 votes

Is there a way to politely tell a recruiter that their company can’t afford me?

16 votes

Software Industry - is this normal to feel lost in first month?

15 votes

How to arrange candidate lunch break during interviews?

15 votes

Accept job offer/opportunity meeting knowing not to accept it for now?

14 votes

How to handle an applicant who has trouble giving a definitive answer?

14 votes

Where to draw the line for the number of hours it takes to perform an unpaid recruitment test?

14 votes

Boss says that I'm pretty a good worker but not as good as XXX