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72 votes

How to be productive while waiting for meetings to start, when managers are casual about being late

31 votes

How can I set up my office to discourage people from standing behind me?

18 votes

How can I ask colleagues to use chat/email instead of scheduling unnecessary calls?

6 votes

Why don't companies put the interview process on the job ad?

5 votes

May a US employer legally order you not to say goodbye to anyone?

4 votes

Risk of taking another job

3 votes

How can I avoid an undeserved demotion

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How do you respond to (negative) interview feedback?

1 vote

What are the social expectations when leaving a job in the UK?

1 vote

Company seems a little desperate to hire me, is it a red flag?

0 votes

Applied to job directly after recruiter potentially applied for me

0 votes

How to fix difficulty admitting I'm wrong?

0 votes

Why does health insurance end at termination day instead of last day of termination month?

-3 votes

Coworker wrote me into fictional book