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134 votes

Was this the first interview or just a talk?

57 votes

Taking advantage when HR forgets to communicate the rules

53 votes

Job offer without any details but asking me to withdraw other applications - is it normal?

46 votes

What to do if you discover your team is not responsible for what you were hired for

30 votes

Not taking Bereavement Leave

27 votes

Forced to use personal Facebook account for work

26 votes

How to deal with a HR rep that is making me feel super uncomfortable?

25 votes

Is boss over stepping boundary/micromanaging?

24 votes

I have accepted an internship offer. Should I inform companies I have applied to that have not gotten back to me yet?

24 votes

Determining why an employee who is very quiet seems to be unhappy

23 votes

Got hired based on referral for qualities that have nothing to do with my job. Now I hear whispers. How to fly below radar for a year?

21 votes

I like my new job but I'm always late and I skip work often. How to avoid this?

21 votes

Manager encourages me to take day of sick leave instead of PTO, what's in it for him?

21 votes

How do I tell my manager that his code review comment is wrong?

18 votes

How do you respond to a colleague from another team when they're wrongly expecting that you'll help them?

16 votes

Potential employers keep telling me my college isn't good enough - is there any way to fix this?

15 votes

Arguing for a raise when I have accumulated tardies/ absence

14 votes

Work from home just for parents and carers - possibility of change?

13 votes

I make rude/insensitive remarks, how to deal with it

12 votes

How old is too old to get a first job?

12 votes

If you are very effective in a leadership position, should you still pursue "being one of many"?

11 votes

Manager is hiring a new software engineer but wont let me help in hiring

11 votes

Promotion has been dangled like a carrot on a stick, time to move out and up?

10 votes

My colleague is constantly blaming me for his errors

10 votes

Ethical question about preauthorizing hotel charges

8 votes

How can I politely but firmly reject my manager's request for me to convert from work at home to in office?

7 votes

Can an employee salary be more than their manager's

7 votes

Boss wants someone else to lead a project based on the idea I presented to him

7 votes

How can I retain developers when I am not given a chance to present a counter offer when they quit?

6 votes

How can I keep my ex-boss out of my life?