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75 votes

Am I overreacting to a new rule where I have to check-in my status every morning?

14 votes

Been asked to work significantly "below" my level for a sustained period -- can I ask company for measures to mitigate it e.g. learning time?

9 votes

How should I navigate an unfair compensation situation?

8 votes

How to avoid a company survey that is not anonymous

2 votes

Incomplete Degree - How to phrase this on resume or cover letter?

1 vote

Unskilled team leader is using bad behaviour to manifest her position

0 votes

How to propose myself to a different, more senior, position in the organization, 5 months after I joined it

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Newcomer asked my opinion about the company

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Negotiating improvement on lower salary than market

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How to gain trust and set boundaries at work?

0 votes

How to ask prospective employer to pay for relocation and first few months rent?

-2 votes

Blamed for typos in thesis