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441 votes

Can I talk to my rubber duck at work?

236 votes

How should I approach a boss that keeps hiring temporary workers, only to have me finish something?

210 votes

Is it common practice for the programmer with fixed salary to compensate all losses in case of bug in his/her code that caused these losses?

185 votes

If I tried and failed to start my own business, how do I apply for a job without job experience?

167 votes

Company does not understand what the “bus factor” is and continues to give me more and more responsibilities

152 votes

How can I explain to my manager that a project he wishes to undertake cannot be performed by the team?

125 votes

Taking notes during a daily stand up?

113 votes

Trouble understanding the speech of overseas colleagues

105 votes

Contractor reluctant to get paid?

97 votes

Implementing something your boss has asked for, even if it's potentially a bad idea

91 votes

Asking logistics questions during an Interview?

79 votes

Is it typical in small companies to BCC the CEO on all external mails?

65 votes

Manager causing scope creep

62 votes

What are the circumstances when "ignoring company politics" is actually good advice?

55 votes

Bright Apprentice not being taken seriously

53 votes

How to politely request for the interview to be conducted in English?

47 votes

Company paying for expensive flights - is there any precedent for re-allocating that money?

45 votes

Employer says he needs to delay payment by 3 months due to bureaucracy

43 votes

Should I take a 7 month stint at a company off of my resume?

43 votes

Company wants to know name of friend who referred me to unposted job

43 votes

How to behave with women in my company when it's International Women's Day?

41 votes

Which rules could help to prevent the endless reviewing loop?

39 votes

Employer wants me to write down "I accept the termination" on my termination paper

39 votes

Why did my abusive boss insist that I take an unpaid leave of absence when I tried to resign?

38 votes

I was told I may be expected to lie for company, what questions I should ask regarding this?

36 votes

I am the only employee without permission to work from home

35 votes

After an employee has been terminated, how long should you wait before taking away their access to company email?

34 votes

Should I report this workplace thievery?

31 votes

How to shoo away people who make informal requests at the desk or canteen?

30 votes

Is it normal to be marked "Fired" regardless of how you leave the company?

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