This question is not directly about myself, but more on a colleague. We are a small IT company (around 20 people) producing&developing software for a niche industry. Mostly we are developers who do all the developing stuff.

But if a customer has problems he can call at our hotline and ask for help. There are two guys guarding the hotline. Lets call them Bob and Roger.

Their job is to answer phone calls, prepare and conduct training for and at customers, test the software etc. Both were hired with the expectation of being able to program.

Now its the case, Bob is a nice guy who does much overtime, is on time every morning, focuses on details, writes nice and good bug reports, but he is not slow. However, Roger often is tardy, has nothing to do with IT or development. Generally, he just waits the whole day for phone calls which stay absent not too rarely. His bug reports usually contain only screenshot of an error code or -message sent by email. When he arrives at the morning his most important task is to choose the meal for this day which takes around 1 hour (we mostly order from some delivery service), another half an hour is taken by blocking the toilet. His lunch breaks are often prolonged. And worst of all, Bob has to take responsibilities for its phone clients from time to time due to his lack of punctuality. All employers have to track their working times in a time controlling system. It happened more than once that Roger did not fill a whole week, but a week later he added his working times to the previous week in a way they are reasonable, but were just simply wrong (Example: On Tuesday he "worked" from 10 to 15 o'clock, but its supplement said he worked from 9.30 to 18.00.). Long Story Short: In my/our Eyes Roger is not at the right place and makes the work environment toxic for us.

Due to these facts Bob does not like Roger (he does not even know that!), and nearly everybody in the office knows that. Except our boss.

The actual question is: How do you deal with such a person?

If one of us goes to the boss and tells him "Hey boss, Roger does not really work" its denunciation and casts a damning light on himself. If we do not do anything we are demotivated further due to this unfairness.


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I cannot believe this is not a duplicate but I cannot find one.

This is a management problem. If management cannot see what is going on they are not managing. Don't let it demotivate you. It is good that you care but it is not your problem.

Bug report does effect you. That is fair game. And you basically are reporting Roger.

These bug reports we get from Roger lack the detail for us to properly address them. All we get is an error message. We need to know how to reproduce the error message. Compare that to what we get from Bob.

  • Either that, or you are misinterpreting the situation.
    – keshlam
    Sep 25, 2016 at 13:21
  • See my comment to the OPs question
    – Peter M
    Sep 25, 2016 at 13:41

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