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Is it ok to be honest about why I want to join a company? [duplicate]

In IT, most of the time if you are looking for a job you send some amount of CVs if you think you could fit the role. When a Company asks "Why did you choose us?" is it OK to be frank and tell them ...
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Answering "why do you leave your job ?" when the reason is the better salary? [duplicate]

I just joined my current company in 6 months, but now I feel unhappy with the salary here. So I want to find another job for higher salary, what should I say if the interviewer ask me "why do you ...
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How should I explain volunteering for future layoffs in interviews?

I got wind that my boss was going to need to reduce his headcount by 1 (technically three, but there were two open positions). I volunteered as all four of my co-workers just had kids in the past year ...
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How to respond to "Why are you looking for a new job?"

During job interviews it seems common for the interviewer to ask something along the lines of "Why are you looking for a new job"? The last time I was asked this was during an interview where the ...
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Interview behavioral question: "you're still young"

I had an interview last week. I aced almost every 'riddle' they asked me and prepared well for the behavioral questions i expected. However, one last question ruined it all. Since I am just 19 years ...
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How do I answer why I want to join a smaller company given I have worked at larger ones?

I am in university and have done two previous internships ( I live in Canada), my last two internships were for very large and reputable companies (both with 50k+ employees and likely, much higher pay ...
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Should I answer "Why do you want to work here?" honestly after being recruited

A couple of weeks ago I attended a job fair at my university. I graduate in April and was looking for opportunities for after I graduate. A recruiter stopped me as I was walking by his booth. We ...
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Reasons for leaving good companies

I'm just wondering, but let's say you are working in financial industry for a big corporation, where there is room for growth, management encourages personal development, pay is good but employees ...
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How to answer 'Why do you want to leave your current job?'

I am currently working remotely and its been only 4-5 months in the job. I am going to start searching for a job in Japan or Germany to relocate there. I am wondering what would be the best answer to '...
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Honesty regarding reason to join new company [duplicate]

I've getting started calls from companies for scheduling interview. But before interview they usually ask: What is your motivation behind joining XYZ company? I was truly honest and I said: ...
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How much honesty is too much when asked for the reason I want to change job?

I have about 16 years of IT work experience. Until 4 years ago I was a self employed contractor but I switched to an employee position. When I was a contractor, I always chose contracts with this ...
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How to go about jobhunting when you only want a job so that you can get enough money to move away? [closed]

I'm a semi-recent college grad (~9 months out of college). I want to move from my minor city to New York City but I want to save 4 to 5k before I do that. Therefore, I have to get a job but I'll ...
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