I am a freelance writer that gets offered long-term positions for certain companies by working remotely from home. Most of the time, I get asked by the same recruiter or employer if I would like to apply to be a writer or editor or both. I never want to turn down an opportunity, so I apply for both, but I usually prefer to be a writer over an editor. How can I show a preference for being a writer, but still show interest in both positions?


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Companies are usually open to making job roles fit the candidate, when a good candidate appears, rather than being too strict on the simple job description. So you should be clear & honest about your talents - you may well be surprised how well this is received by hiring managers.

I would say that if you love writing then you should absolutely aim for writing rather than editing as it is easier to perform better when you are happier in a role.

You could also say that you are comfortable editing perhaps as a secondary role. It could well be that there will be opportunities that require both skills so this may turn out to be the best of both worlds.

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