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my offer letter says "this offer is valid, subject to your clearing the reference check". [duplicate]

my offer letter says "this offer is valid, subject to your clearing the reference check". what does it mean? Reference check was done or it will be done after the acceptance of offer
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Timing resignation when the job offer is "contingent upon work permit" [duplicate]

The golden rule is that you should never resign your current job without a signed job offer from the new employer. However, I believe my case is tougher than that: I've got a job offer that's "...
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Have an offer, and a tentative start date, pending background check? [duplicate]

I have a written offer from HR,and as expected they are wanting a background screening. I do not have any bankruptcies,accounts in collections,charge offs repos, or foreclosures, but I have one ...
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Job Offers Contingent on Background Check and Giving Notice to Current Job [duplicate]

I currently have a job, but am actively looking for a new one. I have a criminal record (several misdemeanors for marijuana and alcohol, which occurred over 2 years ago). In the past, I have had 2 job ...
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job offer contingent on background check [duplicate]

My current job is going out of business in a few months. I received and signed a job offer contingent on a satisfactory background check. I have no criminal background, but did not want to give ...
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received new Sales job offer - background check before turn in notice? [duplicate]

ok, I received a job offer and accepted it for a software sales position. They have start date set and the HR person said it takes about 5-7 working days for the background check. I'm nervous to not ...
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Am I required/expected to notify current boss that I'm looking for a new job?

When I changed jobs last year, my previous boss was very insulted that I didn't tell him I was looking for a job and didn't ask him for a reference letter. (I did give him a month's notice when ...
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Should I wait for an offer letter? [duplicate]

I had written a test, and had an interview 2 weeks ago. At the end of the interview the person had told me that an actual offer can take time, however, if things don't work out they can let me know ...
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Job transition dilemmas?

Background I've been holding my current position as a Software Engineer for almost 6 years now, during which I've participated in many projects. Most of the projects were rather small scaled, but ...
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Resigned before accepting a conditional offer

I made a very rash decision now I am regretting it to the bone. I accepted a conditional letter from a company for a full time job while working in a per-week job. I was asked when I would like to ...
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Delay two weeks notice?

I am in a situation where I have been offered a job, with a proposed start date of 6 weeks away. So, is it appropriate to accept the job, and delay giving the two weeks notice to my current employer ...
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Background check through staffing firm prior to recieving offer

I am considering taking on a contract-to-hire position with a staffing firm. I am working with a recruiter, he is working for a reputable staffing company. The company he connected me with is ...
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Partially accepted for one job, have an interview scheduled for another - withdraw or proceed?

A friend, Alice, applied to a few jobs. Some didn't pan out, then the best fitting one offered a job. Alice accepted that job verbally, received a background check clearance form and signed it, and ...
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Do I give the company I'm contracting for a two-week notice?

Currently doing contract work for a remote company. I received a written offer for a new position at different company, signed it and returned it. A condition of employment is a background check (for ...
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