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What Kind Of Keto-friendly Office Treat Can I Bring In Since Pastries Are Not An Option? [closed]

I'm working for a new team today, and occasionally as a show of good will I like to bring in some donuts for the team to enjoy. On my new team however, there is one person who is on a strict Keto diet ...
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Is the default to at least pretend to be vegetarian? [closed]

I work in a multicultural environment and I know for sure to order vegetarian if we have lunch. But I also will not even discuss having eaten non-vegetarian food. Is this a new norm or am I imagining ...
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Is it unprofessional to order food after an interview?

I'm applying for a restaurant that also is my go to breakfast spot. The interview is early in the morning and I was thinking of knocking out 2 birds with one stone and ordering a bite to eat after the ...
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Etiquette concerning food that has gone bad in fridges at work

We have a fridge for employees at every floor that gets completely emptied and cleaned once a year (between Christmas and the new year). The rest of the year, it is the employees' job to keep the ...
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Is it okay to eat or take food in refrigerator of workplace after cleanout time?

In workplace where there is a refrigerator, there is also some rule of regularly cleaning out by the end of some day, for example,the end of a week, or the end of a month. It is usually phrased like &...
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What are reasonable dietary preferences to expect employers to accommodate?

At my work we frequently have events where lunch is provided, and that consists of finger food such as sandwiches, wraps and pastries. They are very keen on accommodating "proper" ...
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Talk to Office Food Thief?

I have a coworker I consider a mentor. Therefore, I buy him popcorn whenever I go to Costco. It is $7/bag for thank you and he will share if you want. I have another coworker, I will aptly call, Karen....
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