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How to deal with old-school administrators not understanding my methods

I am a mid-career teacher at a public school in the USA. I'm the most senior and highest-paid teacher in my school and, until recently, was very satisfied with the job. Admin respected me, and largely ...
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How do I avoid defending a management decision I don't agree with?

I disagree with my supervisor's decision. I teach music at a public school in the US, and the principal has decided to ban all holiday-related music from our performances. He has claimed his ...
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Follow-up After Asking For a Raise?

Long story short, I have been with my current company for four years and have received a slight raise a year ago despite having more and more responsibility thrusted onto me. Additionally, because I ...
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Who are jobs at Universities geared for? [closed]

I see a lot of jobs at local Universities related to research. They pay peanuts, like 40k or maybe top 50k (less than similar government jobs and gov jobs don't even pay that much), but the jobs are ...
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Potential employers keep telling me my college isn't good enough - is there any way to fix this?

I'm a recent grad. I've been interviewing with companies and a lot of the ones I've really wanted to work with have turned me down after 1-2 interviews saying they're looking for someone from a more ...
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How to a) determine if interviewer knows about tech they are interviewing for b) answer broad questions if they don't?

Background: I graduated relatively recently from school. I got my degree in computer science. While I was in school I completed several co-op work placements. After finishing school I have had a lot ...
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Is tuition reimbursement a good idea if you have to stay with the job?

I got my GED. (The General Educational Development certificate provides certification that the taker has high-school level academic skills in the US and Canada. It's typically an alternative to ...
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