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How do I tell my boss I'm leaving to start my own business? [duplicate]

TLDR How do I tell my boss of ~9 months that I want to leave to run my own business? I will start with a bit of (relevant) background to this question to give some context. I was a self employed web ...
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What's the best way to resign from a position after receiving a better offer from another company? [duplicate]

This is a hypothetical scenario. One that I believe a lot of us have experienced. Let's say I've been working at a company for X amount of time (not necessarily long-term). You receive a better ...
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How to quit my job while not burning the bridge? [duplicate]

I received a job offer today that comes with a substantial raise in pay, as well as title and responsibilities. I originally applied for the position assuming I would never get it (they were looking ...
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How should you gracefully leave a company you helped start?

I am a co-founder of a software startup in the B2B space. I am an engineer and have helped build much of our platform from the ground up. It's been 3+ years since we started doing this and we've ...
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How can one resign from a new job gracefully?

A friend of mine just started a new job and already it's clear he's not a good fit for the position. He's not performing to their expectations and frankly he's not happy either. He's not under a ...
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Changing employers the right way

I'm currently on the fence about changing employers: I got an offer which is substantially better in payment, at a company which has a much better business model, and which will probably allow more ...
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How can I minimise the damage to my career when giving notice to leave a bad work environment?

I am working for a small software company, located in India, for the last 2+ years and the company is managed by a single person, so he can change the policy at any time without any notice. Recently ...
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Leaving a Job before 1 year [closed]

I have been in my current job for 7 months. I work for a trade association, mainly responsible for external affairs (community, government, business to business, etc.). Over the past 7 months I have ...
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Switching to another department in same company in early career [duplicate]

This is my very first job after a long education, and I've been doing it for a few months now. The department I work in now is not a bad one; in fact, I like it. But now, another position in my ...
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How do I resign gracefully from a professional job?

This question is intended to be a canonical question, see Make that answer a canonical answer to "how to quit gracefully in a professional way" I am currently working in a full time ...
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Got a job offer from a friend, but been on a new job for a couple of months [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Switching jobs - how soon is too soon? I've recently got a job with a big consulting firm; however, I'm not enjoying the work much. While I don't see much advancement within ...
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How do I maintain references?

I am a college intern, and I have noticed that if I do not have face to face contact with someone communication dies off. This has gotten me thinking about professional references. As I am beginning ...
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How to gracefully quit from a job/company I like (better offer elsewhere)?

I have been working for this great company for less than a year now and I have been offered a position with even a better company and the pay is way higher. I love the company I am working for, but ...
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Should I Quit My Internship? [closed]

I am currently employed as an intern at a start-up, and I really like the work I do. It is very relaxed, low stress, but I just got a paid job. I am a programmer/web developer. My new job isn't as ...
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How best to relate to my boss, who appears betrayed following my resignation? [closed]

I was tired of earning less than people who got before me, doing more work than other people, and being ignored every time I asked for a raise. So after working at my company for two years without a ...
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