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Asking For Career Advice in Tech [duplicate]

Hello Everyone. I need some career suggestions. Due to the current enhancement in AI, starters like me are confused, will there be a demand for fresher web developers after 1 year? Should I continue ...
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advice around promotion during web development placement [duplicate]

I live in England and started a 1-year web development industrial placement in September between 2nd and now 4th year of Comp Sci degree at a very large company with 5+ sites. 4 weeks in, the only ...
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Master's degree in Computer Science but I am a bad developer

I will soon graduate and have done some internship and am currently working as a web developer on the side (fullstack with Angular and Spring/ I have 3 years of experience (only in my college ...
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Where to start to work as a back-end developer?

I tell you my current situation, since I am somewhat lost right now: I have been working as a full-stack developer for the last 4 years, using PHP and Prestashop as main technologies and Laravel in ...
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How to suggest to the interviewer to ask about React function components instead of class components?

I started with React when function components were already widely established, so I never got to work much with class components and therefore don't know a lot about them. I would say the general ...
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Tips on what I should do to move up?

So I work for a company doing maintenance for a web application. The web app is so old, has an insane amount of legacy code and has hundreds of thousands of lines of not so great code if I'm being ...
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Is it okay to list the projects I've worked on for a web agency for my portfolio website?

I'm currently planning my portfolio website and I'm wondering if it's cool to list out (+ screenshots of the website + details of the processes that went into developing it) a few agency projects that ...
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How to deal with an adult site on a work domain [closed]

I have a strange situation. An organisation I work for (a charity), have ownership of a website domain, let's call it (not real obviously). We had a project in India, which we ran ...
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How to get up to speed in a new web development job when there's no documentation?

I just arrived in a company to code in PHP and MySQL and I'm trying to get familiar with the codebase. I see the source code of the website and there is no documentation, no comments above the ...
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Next step in career of a web developer( need career advice) [closed]

I have been building web applications for almost 6 years now. With the latest developments of no coding platforms I have a feeling that soon there will be no requirement for a web developer like me ...
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Going from Senior to Intermediate?

As life complicates for people, such as having kids or dealing with personal issues, is it understandable to pivot one's career into a(n) (intermediate) developer role where they have less ...
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I really like my workplace, but just can't pick up the new skills required to do the job. What do I do?

I'm a web developer and have been for 10 years. Currently I work in a large company that treats their employees pretty well. I get along with everyone and like the culture here. However, about 2 ...
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Post New Job Positions for 2 Web Developers at the same time or post one now and another 3 months later?

We are planning on hiring 2 new developers. One front-end developer and one-backed developer. We currently have a team of about 7 developers so this would bring us up to 9. We are trying to push ...
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Software/Web Development Team Job Title [closed]

Let me give you a little background information before I start my question. I was working at a local web development / marketing company that went out of business. I worked there for about 10 years, ...
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How can I manage an impossible request?

I work with a team of GIS analysts. Increasingly, our work is moving online. The industry-standard software (ArcGIS) allows us to make and publish online maps without coding. We have limited ...
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Quiting a web-development project early on?

I have 5years of experience with programming desktop applications with C# and WPF. Recently I self-learned React.js(no prior JS experience) + Redux in a month for a company project which has just ...
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Don't know where I belong, still being treated like intern at current company

Some context: At the beginning of this year, my colleague and I was sent from the media company we worked as interns for a year, to be based at the media company's main software development house; a ...
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How to make the severity of a problem clear to my boss?

I work at an "all-round" IT company that is focused on providing hardware and software infrastructure. I am the sole web developer, as such, I deal with everything on this front on my own. I do not, ...
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Interview email follow-up (Web Developer role) [duplicate]

I recently went for an interview with a new startup company for a Web Developer role. The interview was with the project manager, and it went quite well and it lasted about 45 mins and I'm able to ...
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When to fire a client? How to do it?

I picked up a small client (like ridiculously tiny) a couple months back to make a simple site for them. I got them via Upwork, so I was going to do the work charging basically nothing as I wanted a ...
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