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Navigating interviews for 2 different roles in the same firm?

I'm interviewing for 2 different roles in different teams and geographies but the same firm. The first one, I'm expecting the offer letter soon. The interviews for the other are still ongoing and will ...
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What to do when there is a job lined up in 4 days but I haven't decided where I want to work yet [closed]

I accepted two offers A and B at the same time and worked at A since A started earlier, asking B to delay the start day by 1 month so that I have more time to evaluate the pros and cons between the ...
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Should I tell my employer about being a freelancer outside my regular working hours?

So I've been working at my current employer for almost 4½ years. A while ago I was approached by a manager from my previous employer asking me if I would be willing to assist them with some projects ...
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Called for civil service while working for a private company: Should I give it a try without resigning my current job even if it violates my contract?

I currently work remotely for an international company. A clause in its contract states that I should not have any other job. But now I was just called to assume a civil service position I applied to ...
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Can I legally be compensated by 2 companies for providing the same product to both companies?

I am compensated a salary for running a business and my duties include signing on new customers. Some customers require services that require me to bring in subcontractors. I mark up and bill the ...
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Multiple W2 jobs declaration with employer?

Is it legal for one to have two W-2 jobs with two different employers? More importantly, do you have to declare with each of the employers that you hold another W-2 job (with a different employer)? ...
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Invited for a screening interview for one position, but a slightly better fit for a different position

I applied for position A in a company. I meet about 1/3 of the qualifications for the job explicitly, but have a strong background that would make me a good candidate nonetheless. I got an email ...
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Do I need to inform my full-time employer of my part-time job, if the jobs are unrelated in nature? [closed]

I currently have a full-time job as a software engineer. I would like to apply for a part-time job with another company, where I would do analytics & marketing. In the contract and the rules I ...
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I have 2 job offers A & B. A starts soon and B starts in summer. Is it ok to accept A, starting working and quit before B start date?

As the question says. Not sure what the consequences may be in terms of legal and effect on career and networking down the line.
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Side Gig (Similar to Main Job) - Professional & Legal Advice [closed]

I’ve recently started an LLC with a co-worker and am looking for some advice. We’re currently both employed by a fairly large company that produces software that is specialized and only really ...
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Approved for internal transfer while interviewing externally

I'm unhappy with my current position so I applied for an internal transfer as well as some external opportunities. I've been approved for the internal transfer but haven't completed my on-site ...
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Could one person hold more than one W-2 jobs from two different employers?

I've constantly heard people having multiple jobs at the same time, Given flexible working hours and workplace from both employers, is it OK for one person to have two full-time W-2 jobs at the same ...
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Calculating experience when you had 2 jobs at the same time

Most entry level jobs can require anywhere from 1 - 2 years of experience, some even want 3 - 5 years. I currently work 2 separate IT jobs. A Tech I position for a college and a Tech II position for ...
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How to test drive full time jobs when working full time

How would I go about trying something different (for example, a full time job at Organization B) while working full time at a job with Company A? This question addresses the interview part, and I have ...
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Can a part-time job legally require me to work more than one shift in Ontario, Canada?

I work two jobs in Ontario, Canada: a full time job during the weekdays (45 hours minus 2.5 hours for breaks) and a part time job on Saturdays. My part-time employer is demanding that I work one ...
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