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Boss offers a raise only when faced with resignation - is this a red flag? [duplicate]

EDIT: I've decided to accept the duplicate suggested by a few people as it's a bit more broad and is probably easier to apply to various real-life scenarios others might find themselves in. This ...
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Should I allow my boss to make me an offer to stay when I'm planning to resign for a different job? [duplicate]

So I got a job offer that gives 20k more on the same role that I have now, in a different company. However, I kind of like working where I am now. I'm thinking of letting my boss know of my ...
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I resigned. Should I leave despite promises of reform? [duplicate]

I have recently reluctantly resigned from my job of 13 years. I like my job, the people I work with, the projects are interesting and the remuneration seems fair. But the company had fallen behind on ...
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How to approach boss about payrise after offer from another company, after he already raise once [duplicate]

I received an interesting offer from another company in another city, which pays around £10k a year more than my current job. I like my current job and I am fairly good at it, and my boss knows. ...
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Was it really unprofessional of me to leave without asking for a raise first?

I've just given notice to my current job for a new position which offered near triple my current salary ($37k as a software engineer). I knew that I was underpaid when I took the job but as a previous ...
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How to handle counter offer [closed]

I am working as a software developer in 200 people company. My team consists of seven developers, including me. Most of the time, I enjoy working with them. The company didn't handle situations well ...
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How to request a counter offer in a resignation letter

I had a recruiter reach out to me a couple of weeks ago. I received an offer yesterday and I'm working on my resignation letter today, but was wondering if it would be appropriate to ask for a counter ...
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How to handle a surprising counter offer

I have recently been in the job market (I work in software development), and have been offered a new position with a 50% pay increase. I have been at my current organization for 5 years, and have been ...
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CEO talked to me about letting me go. Now he is trying to keep me, but I want out. How should I communicate this?

I tried to make the title as neutral as possible, but the reality is that "I" (I am asking on behalf of a relative I know well) am doing at least 2 people's job, being paid the bare minimum, and with ...
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How should I tell my boss that I'm going away for another company?

Premise: I'm 21, and I've started my path for my current company when I was 16 in a school internship. Then for all next years every internship or every holidays I was working for them as a software ...
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Confirming resignation after resignation letter ripped up

I have handed in my notice giving the required 1 month but my MD has asked me to reconsider. I have been asked to attend a meeting to discuss my role and new salary, hours, holiday etc to see if I am ...
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Should one explicitly say they are open to a counter-offer upon quitting?

I have a job that involves too much travelling for my work-life balance. I have discussed it many times with my manager, got a lot of promises, but there has been no long term improvement. I have ...
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What should I do if my colleagues ignore my fear of cats?

I work for a European start-up with around 20 to 30 employees without an HR department. We have an office on the ground floor and there are a lot of cats around. I am afraid of cats and I don't feel ...
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Turning down a position just after a contract is signed

I am in a rather delicate situation. I've been working in a startup company for 2 years. My position and environment were very fulfilling but I can't say the same about my salary. After some talks ...
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Quitting a job after one month to join previous employer [duplicate]

I'm a Software Developer by profession, someone who values the quality of work and prefers writing good code rather than fast code. I was working with a product startup for a year with great ...
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