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Is it acceptable to prepare for the requirements interview? The preparation can block the open mind and approach

I am software developer and from time to time I am required to participate in the requirements interviews with internal or external customers for the product the we develop and maintain. I tend and my ...
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My boss said that I lack "soft skills", what does this mean?

I have been in the corporate world as an electronic engineer for 10 years. I started a job in the first quarter of this year. Some months into it in a 1-1 my boss said that I lack "soft skills&...
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How to decide on an interview process, to hire software developers?

Some parts of the interview process for software developers seem pretty clearly established. Having a fairly brief initial phone screen of some sort seems like a generally good idea, for example. ...
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Upskilling: how can team-mates best educate each other?

This question may end up being too vague and flawed in several ways, so I am taking a risk, but I think it is something of general value, and I'll try to limit the scope, so please give it a chance. I ...
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(Career) I can't be productive because of the paradigm (or teams) - Change Job [closed]

Contextualizing: Hi, I'm 25 years old, and I've been working as a freelancer for 8 years. I mainly worked with stacks: NodeJS , React, React Native, and with TypeScript as stack superset. I've always ...
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Is manipulation a soft skill? [closed]

All my life I have been studying technical areas (hard skills) like programming, maths, statistics, German, data analysis, etc. That makes me isolate myself to learn this stuff and now I have problems ...
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What should I do when I have nothing to do at the end of a sprint?

This is my first software development job. Initially I paired a lot with other developers but recently I’ve started doing smaller tickets on my own because I have just enough enough experience to ...
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Support and skills needed for junior and intermediate software developers? [closed]

I have been tasked with supervising and up-skilling junior and intermediate software developers. When I was a junior/intermediate developer I was mostly just told to build this or fix that and had to ...
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SMART goals for improving knowledge transfer/training abilities

I have some newcomers on my team who are somewhat lacking in certain technical skills and my boss has asked me to help them get up to speed. I've been put in this role many times over the years, ...
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New Team Leader, how to handle nomination criticism

I've been appointed yesterday as Team Leader; I was astonished as I am still under probation, but this means also that the company has given me an enormous trust and I've shown already plenty. There'...
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