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I quit a job after 3 months without serving notice period. Can I hide this job from future employers without consequences? [duplicate]

I joined a company 3 months ago. Then I got a better offer from another company. I quit the old job without serving notice period and joined the new company. I sent an email to the old company that ...
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I do not have the relieving letter or Experience letter from my first company in Saudi Arabia [duplicate]

I have worked 2 years on contract basis in one of the company in Saudi Arabia between 17-Dec-2011 to 17-Dec-2013. However, I have not asked my company to provide the relieving letter or experience ...
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Can I get job in MNC without 9 months exp. certificate of last company and with 6 years exp. certificates of previous companies? [duplicate]

Problem I am a java developer with 7 years experience. In India, I worked in 4 IT companies. I have 6 years exp. with exp. certificates of previous companies. I have 9 months experience in 4th company ...
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Is it a problem not to have the Relieving Letter from an earlier employer? [duplicate]

I am a software professional with around 4 years experience at my present company, and I've worked for 3 companies prior to now. I don't have a relieving letter from the second organisation. Will it ...
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What if a company declines to issue any relieving document? [duplicate]

I have been working in an IT company in India since august 2014. While joining this company I signed a 2-year contract which stated that either I will have to pay my 2 month salary, or I will have to ...
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Do I need relieving letters from all my past employers or just the most recent one? [duplicate]

I work in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India. If I were to change jobs, would it be necessary to provide reliving letters from all my past employers or is the letter from my last employer sufficient? For ...
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How do I get colleagues to stop piling work on me in my last month of work? [closed]

EDIT: Thanks so much for all the feedback and suggestions! You're right, I'm not obligated to do any extra work and it's not my problem if things burn after I leave. For those asking, I work remotely ...
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Leaving Company - What Information Should I Bring With Me?

I am leaving my current employer. What information/forms should they present to me? What information should I request from them? What information am I entitled to take with me? (e.g. a copy of my ...
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What should I do about my boss being unreasonable during my notice period?

I work in India in a healthcare organisation. I work for business development. I am on a 1 month notice period and have cleared my intentions of handing over my work with no loss to the organization. ...
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Absconding a company after 1st day of joining

I joined a big MNC and now I have a better opportunity with better skillset with a new company (mid size). It has been just a day that I joined this multinational organization, and currently I do not ...
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Preventing abuse in countries where relieving letters are the norm

After reading this question about relieving letters, which seem to be common in India and other Asian countries, I started wondering how this system prevents abuse of the employee by unscrupulous ...
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Management Not Responding To My Resignation

I have been working in a Software company and I have a bond there for 2 years. I have already served for 1 year 8 months. Unfortunately I'm now having some health issues and wanted to discontinue my ...
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I have absconded from a reputed company after 7 working days before signing any offer letter. What could be the consequences?

I joined a reputed company in India, and worked there for 7 days. They did not provide me any offer/appointment/joining letter until that time. I haven't signed any document stating the notice period ...
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Current employer denies my Resignation and says to hold on to my current position

I'm working for a manufacturing company as an Engineer. I was hand picked by the senior manager and relocated to another plant from a plant which was close to my house. While I was getting relocated I ...
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How does Background Verification through NASSCOM work? [closed]

Recently I got an offer from a multinational corporation and they want me to register in the National Skills Registry (NSR) and I registered. My first company registered in 2011. I worked there from ...
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