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My workplace is turning my role from a contractor into an employee with a significant pay cut. Is that normal?

I work for a startup and they have applied for a grant that would cover part of my salary an employee. I'm a contractor right now making $38.50/hour (which works out to about $75k/year). Starting next ...
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How would an employer base converting a 1099 Commission-Only earner to a W2 Salary without risking loss?

I want to pay only commissions based on performance, but many applicants ask about a base salary, and I don't want to risk losing money if they don't make at least what I'm paying them. Is there any ...
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Can my employer change my 1099 contracted pay rate without my acceptance or a new contract?

I was hired in November as a cleaner by a cleaning company out of Atlanta, GA. I signed an agreement to perform all duties of the job 7 nights/week for $2200/month. The first month, my gross pay was ...
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Employer is forcing me to change from a contractor to an employee

Today, the company that I work for announced that they will no longer employ contractors and are requesting all contractors to become Employees in the near future. I have been with the company for 20 ...
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Where do recruitment agencies find open positions?

I want to cut out the middlemen and work C2C for future contracts, but rarely see C2C positions posted. However there's no shortage of contract jobs from recruitment agencies and I would like to ...
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Working without a contract [closed]

I work for a company a as self-contractor. I was given a contract for 3 months, 2 weeks before the end date I reminded my employer that my contract would be ending. It has now been almost a month ...
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Former Coworkers Keep Sending Me Small Requests for Tech Help, How to Respond?

I worked for two years at a themed entertainment company as a designer/developer. I worked on a lot of complicated projects using custom electronics and/or microcontroller firmware. I did my best to ...
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Can my friend from Pakistan work as a contracted worker for US company, since H1B visas are not being issued in us?

My good friend wants to work for my company in the US, he's in Pakistan currently. He does not need to be physically present in the US. He is not a US citizen he's from Pakistan. any way for him to be ...
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2 answers

Changing from (Retired) PT W-2 to 1099

Retired from an OEM, then came back and worked for same OEM as a PT W-2 worker. Could only work up to 1000 hr per year. Leadership decided to end the PT W-2 positions. They are considering bringing ...
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How much more do I need to charge as a contractor? (Ballpark figure for Japan)

I'm considering to change from a regular employment contract 契約社員 to an independent contractor 業務委託契約 arrangement. Comparing working directly as an employee by a company and as an independent ...
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Contractor day rate - calculating based off pro rata annual 'salary'

I have been working on a self-employed contract for almost 12 months. When I started, they offered me a 'pro-rata salary' of £37k. They asked to be billed by the day, and naively I just did 37,000 ...
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3 answers

Which company name to write when signing in as a subcontractor?

I'll soon have my first day with my new client and I'm a subcontractor. I don't expect to have an employee badge the first day so I guess I should sign in as any visitor at the front desk (unless ...
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Is this a reasonable non-compete for an independent contractor?

I am an independent contractor who was just awarded a full-time contract. I am concerned about signing it. Non Compete - The Contractor specifically agrees that for a period of 5 years after the ...
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Contract employer keeps asking for small tasks to be done without pay

I currently work as a mentor for an online boot camp as an independent contractor. When I was hired, I was only informed after I started meeting with students that I am only paid for the first 30 ...
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6 answers

Not been paid even after reminding the Treasurer; what should I do?

I am an independent contractor for a non-profit. I usually send my invoice to the president who ensures she pays me within a week of sending the invoice. This responsibility was moved to the Treasurer ...
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Employment verification and contract work

So I’m recent college graduate and I just received a job offer. During college, I worked as an assistant at a small tax firm. I was a part time employee with set hours for about a year and I worked ...
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hired a publicist for 4 months (short-term contract) [closed]

I hired a publicist for a 4-month contract (a finite 4-month contract that had to occur during a specific time related to a film release, which was imminent at the time of our interview) and she went ...
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Contract of application migration project (i.e. build software application for another OS) [closed]

I've been approached by a company and they told me that they have a application migration/porting project (i.e. building application source written for one operating system, for another operating ...
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Is there a way around recruiting company’s no hire clause?

Been working for a company through a recruiting firm that I believe was making loads of money off me. I had asked the recruiting company for more money, because I know they have room but I believe ...
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What do you call this type of contractor?

When I google "software contracting" I find that it often refers to developers who are working on fixed-price contracts ie building an app or website for someone at a price. But where I live, most of ...
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4 answers

Remote Non-US. What is the difference between Full-Time and Independent Contractor?

I'm working remotely for a US company as an independent contractor. I'm in Latin America, non-US citizen. I've worked for almost 2 months part-time. They said they will be making me full time after 2 ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Contract worker - stolen items off site: How to ask for reimbursement

I was in Mexico working as a contract employee for a US tool company. I went to lunch with one of the workers at the plant I was contracted to work at. I locked up my back pack with my laptop phone ...
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Made mistake by doing independent contracting, how soon can I go back to old job?

I recently left my job at Company A where I was working on separate contracts to Companies B and C. Now I'm an independent subcontractor to Company B. I left because I wanted to work less hours, work ...
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What does it mean to say an independent contractor may terminate a contract "for convenience"?

I'm nearing month three of a six month assignment, and would like to terminate it to move on to a better opportunity. My contract states the following: The Independent Contractor may terminate ...
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3 answers

Is it common practice to ask Work from Home (call center) contractors to pay training and admin fees?

My wife just received (through zip recruiter) notice of an opportunity for an inbound call center position as an independent contractor. The company claims to service "several multi-million dollar ...
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