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I think a lawyer will get very pricey because it is international. Chances are you're going to need a lawyer in the country that it happened, rather than a lawyer in your current country. I assume when you say "overseas" and you speak of Europe that you are actually in the USA. In the USA, a little different state-to-state but generally the same ...


Considering you have had an existing relationship that previously worked, and that your client asked for a new invoice, it seems he has an honest intention to pay, but it is currently difficult for one or multiple reasons. Submit another invoice with a late fee included, and a schedule for additional late fees. At this point, submitting invoices with the ...


Find out what legal jurisdiction this falls under, your country or their country, and then send a Demand for Payment letter to the client based on whatever jurisdiction this falls under. If you're so inclined you can engage an attorney to advise you. In most cases, at least in the US, your only legal recourse is to sue them.


At this point, all you can do is resubmitting the invoices, and stop coding for them until you receive payment. IN THE FUTURE, When working for overseas/out of country clients: NEVER deliver source code until the final payment has been delivered Always have a "kill switch" in your code that you can activate in the event of non-payment. (time ...

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