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Am I responsible for loss of valuable supplies (>usd120k)?

At this point there isn't a whole lot you can do so it's time to have a heart to heart with your supervisor. Carefully document your entire search efforts so far. List all fridges that you have ...
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Am I responsible for loss of valuable supplies (>usd120k)?

First of all, you are not financially responsible for the loss, unless you are a contractor, in which case it may get more complicated. You should check your contract in such a situation to understand ...
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I'm not Junior/Entry-Level, but Senior Dev treats me like one

Because people's experience and skills vary so much, it's really difficult to correctly guess a specific person's exact competency on a topic. If you guess too high, typically the person's question ...
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Am I responsible for loss of valuable supplies (>usd120k)?

Send out an email to the other labs. There were 3 fridges that belongs to our lab that were placed in the communal area. More than 10 labs share that communal area with us so we all have access to ...
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My co-worker is secretly taking pictures of me

Unless you have the impression that your boss is a misogynist who you wouldn't want to trust, I'd probably talk to them and tell them that you suspect Jeremy is taking photos of you. Not that Jeremy ...
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Confessions of an incompetent worker. How to cope with colleagues hating me and failing in self improvement?

Experience take time. The famous saying that it takes 10000 hours to master a craft is not always quoted in a way that makes it clear that it is 10000 hours of concentrated work on getting better. ...

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