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Prospective employer asking for my current pay slip during interview

My usual answer is, "I don't ever disclose my current compensation package, but I can tell you that I need a total compensation figure of $###,000.00 to leave my current role." That statement ends ...
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Shouldn't I expect my boss to change his attitude when it is detrimental to office morale?

I suggested to my boss, to prevent this kind of situation, that he could announce the start of the meeting 2 minutes before time so that we still have time to prepare and gather around his desk. ...
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243 votes

Is celebrating small victories unprofessional?

This is so common among coders as to almost be a cliché, and even termed a "coder's victory". I do it all the time and so do my colleagues. We usually just grin, knowing the feeling. Not only is it ...
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220 votes

Manager strongly suggests that I do more unpaid overtime during performance review

What your manager says is nonsense. What he apparently wants is "bums on seats". A nice quote from some top manager at Microsoft: "You can make people stay in the office 80 hours a week. You can't ...
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Assigned to a buggy, failing project days before it is due

You should be focused on a lifeboat for yourself Someone promoted you to lead a project with just 5 days remaining which is an absolute disaster? With only 5 days, it seems that they should have ...
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How can I manage my team to maintain a reasonable productivity when my employer doesn't treat employees well?

A wiser man than me said “You can make people stay in the office for 80 hours a week, but you can’t make them work more than 40 hours a week.” That’s the problem you are running into, and there’s ...
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I reported the illegal activity of my boss to his boss. My boss found out. Now I am being punished. What should I do?

You've witnessed something illegal. By law, you are most likely required to report it to a federal agency, not your supervisor's boss. In other words, having told the boss, you haven't actually done ...
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How to find a job with as little social interaction with coworkers as possible?

How do I find a job that is as corporate as possible? Ideally it would be a large company that's very depersonalised, with private offices or at least sectioned off. No pressure to try to fit the ...
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Does diversity provide anything that meritocracy does not?

Here's a Harvard Business Review study on why diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams. Diverse teams are more innovative and focus on facts better than homogeneous teams. However, it's not as ...
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Who should pay for team building events?

management says employees should pay for such events Sadly your management is clueless. They are the ones who desire increasing engagement of employees. They are the ones who will have something to ...
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What should I do when colleagues keep commenting on my attire?

As an Indian woman working in MNC, I can quite understand your problem. Let's face it. In our country, when a man earns, people think that is because he needs to feed his family, he is ambitious/...
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Thought interview went well but contacted by recruiter saying HR found me rude

I'm going to take a different approach from the consensus here. I think this is a bullet dodged. I don't know about the country / culture you're speaking of, and that carries a lot of weight in these ...
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158 votes

Does diversity provide anything that meritocracy does not?

I work in a big IT company (100.000+ employee). Here is what I was told from an HR representative when I was promoted as a manager: We need to hire smart and talented people. Smart and talented ...
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Senior engineer suddenly unwilling to do extra work they used to do after being denied promotion

The bridge is burned. He will likely leave the company once he finds another job. Your company can be happy he is not in a financial position to walk out - I WOULD. The moment I am f**** over, I walk ...
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How much can I judge a company based on a phone screening?

I've done a lot of interviews in the relatively short time (around 7 years) in the industry. One thing I learnt is that if you sense something not quite right, trust your instinct and don't progress ...
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How to work a regular job as a former celebrity

My main problem is this: I have no idea how to navigate the corporate world My life as a minor celebrity is over and I want to move on and work as a regular person, but this is proving to be ...
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132 votes

Should a manager participate in Casual Friday dress code?

I think that not participating might cause your reports to wonder: if (boss) is still in business dress, does that mean I should too? Dressing in jeans will definitely make them more comfortable in ...
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How to deal with boss asking employees to wear specific clothes when it is uncomfortable?

I'm not skinny, and I still dislike a lot short-sleeves tee-shirts, and I can easily understand what you feel. I don't like people staring at my arms, and some tattoo from shoulder to elbow. I love ...
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Will not wearing makeup affect my career?

The previous answers are very optimistic. However, the truth is the answer to your question depends a lot on: the country you are in, the state of your skin, the industry and your role. Normally, ...
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Who should pay for team building events?

Professional team-building is more than a few co-workers having a good time together. It is designed with specific goals in mind. The event might encourage people from different departments to mingle ...
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How do I explain that I am in the office to work, not to have fun?

You can just tell your coworkers what you said here. Of course, most people don't like feeling like as people they don't matter, so there's significant risk associated with this that cannot really be ...
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My manager notoriously lies

I reported this to the HR, but nothing has been done so far. They asked me to make a formal statement, which I still don't know how to formulate. Take what you've written here, remove as much emotion ...
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121 votes

Cultural fit interview went pretty badly. They want me to re-do it for another team, worth it?

Large companies have many teams that function in different ways and have different cultures. The function of a team influences the culture. You yourself explained the culture of the team you ...
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How representative of a company is a bad interview process?

How representative of internal chaos and lack of organization can I assume this process is? You shouldn't assume anything. I've worked for wonderful companies that had terrible interview processes....
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116 votes

How to handle "company strategy trip" that is actually a vacation trip?

As you describe it, it sounds like this trip is part of your current company culture. You need to take into account that a cultural change will also bring personal change with it. Personnel ...
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Do I need to be arrogant to get ahead?

This is a great question, and last time I checked (which was admittedly a long time ago), the psychological literature doesn't have a definitive answer. So I checked again. The Industrial/...
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Is it poor workplace etiquette to display signs of relative "wealth" at work when others are struggling financially?

is it poor office etiquette to display/mention signs of "relative" wealth when I know others are struggling? Given that you are not doing it with the intention to brag or boast (it comes up ...
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As a new employee of a large corporation, what can I do about some disagreements with the company's code of conduct?

It's likely binding in the sense that violation can lead to disciplinary action, potentially up to firing, essentially the purpose of having you sign such a code is really a means to streamline the ...
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How to deal with IT help desk that does not acknowledge requests for help?

As always, document everything. If you can get other employees to collaborate, do so. Ask your manager if he can do the same with other managers and have them escalate. What you need to do is make a ...
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