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Sounds like you are working in a toxic environment. Asking questions is not a crime. At most places it is welcome. Just make sure your questions are organized and not continual. Produce a quality product. Don’t let these people distract you. However you might want to start looking for another job.


often task descriptions are vague or straight up incorrect, and I am expected to remember verbal discussions that directly contradict the story descriptions. I am bad at remembering verbal things, which is why I rely on notes and written story descriptions a lot, but they are often unreliable as changes in requirements are not documented. I feel ...


Is it a sign of me being basically 'too dumb' if I still need to ask questions after almost 2 years? Not at all. But it sounds like you're asking the wrong questions. I asked an experienced coworker if he could give me a quick introduction. That's beyond vague, and sounds like you haven't even tried to figure it out. If you asked me to give you a "...

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