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You wouldn't know unless you ask! The one thing that I understood after working for so many years in this industry is that it's always better to ask what you need, especially when asking for more money. I have changed jobs thinking that the new job will give me more money than the current company is ready to pay me and every single time I have been given a ...


You really are faced with a choice. You've been given a raise which we can agree amounts to a token raise. You've also been given that raise when a large number of people were let go. The company has given you a gesture of good faith and confidence. You feel you can get more money elsewhere. The question is: is money the only thing that motivates you? I ...


One month later COVID-19 hit, and we were all remote. No 1-on-1 meetings, no chats, or follow ups. Being remote does not mean your meetings with your manager should stop. If you previously had scheduled 1:1 meetings, these should be continuing. If you didn't have scheduled meetings but were promised an individual meeting, follow up and try to get this ...


thank you everyone for the great feedback. I wanted to keep everyone updated, I received a $0.75 raise. It is not the $2.00 raise I wanted, but I am happy. ..I admittedly had attendance issues, and I can learn a bit more about problem solving on the job., $0.75 feels fair, and I think I can fix attendance issues for my 1 year review. Thanks everyone

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