I needed to slightly reword my answer because your edit (internal recruiter from HR vs. external recruiter) invalidated parts of it... But I kept the same thrust It is the recruiters' job to find the best candidate for a position. The recruiter already told you, that they'd be happy to hear from you in the future. That's why I am quite sure, that the ...


You can't make them do anything. If they grant you and interview and offer you the job, you can accept the salary they offer you, negotiate a higher salary, or decline their offer.


You make an offer and they take it or leave it. In a lot of cases, there is very little flexibility on the salary range. I used to work for the government and those ranges were set in meetings with a bunch of people. I could never imagine them being re-done for a particular candidate if simply because it would take a long time to get those people together. ...

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